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  • Creative self-expression

  • Thriving relationships

  • Physical and emotional well-being



Body Divining

Utilize the innate wisdom of your body to select the food and supplements which are most beneficial to your health. Experience integrative dowsing/muscle testing under my guidance, and learn the techniques to use on your own.


Masculine/Feminine Alchemy

Discover the depth and complexity of your internal masculine and feminine energy. Explore the way they work together to create your relationships and manifest your desires. Balance your energies to experience a clearer connection with your Higher Self.


Soul Circuitry Astrology

Dialogue with the soul about your astrological imprints. Understand the strengths and challenges of your soul’s path. Utilize the momentum of astrological cycles that catalyze soul growth. Relevant for beginners and experienced astrologers.


Sacred Branding

Clarify your professional life passion. Champion your creativity. Build a powerful, multidimensional identity that authentically broadcasts your soul essence. Share your sacred life journey with others.

About L.I.

Logan Integration is a modality which facilitates the integration of self-parts to create soul sovereignty and establish a connection with the Higher Self. LI operates on a precision inner guidance system: a method of communicating directly with the soul through dowsing and navigating a unique system of original card decks. LI was created by Catherine Logan in 1991. Inspired by her passion for growth and the needs of her clients, she began mapping her own process and conducting cross-discipline studies to better facilitate self-part integration. Over the past 28 years LI has continued to grow through Catherine’s dynamic process of synthesizing her research and wisdom into an ever expanding understanding of soul consciousness. 


Logan Integration
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